Ritter R200EA 5’x12′ Face Frame Assembly Table


  • 5’x12′ Face Frame Table
  • Hold Down Beam with (5) Adjustable Hold Down Cylinders
  • 45 Degree Vertical Easel
  • Squaring Bars on Right, Left, and Bottom Sides
  • 1″ Thick Formica Surfaced Table
  • 3″ I-Beam Easel Frame
  • Screw Driver Not Included
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Additional options for this machine include:

  • R200A – Additional Beam Assembly BONUS: SAVE 25% off on the purchase of a  second (5) Cylinder Clamp Arm. The most popular option for 12′ tables.


For the assembly of wooden cabinet face frames. This heavy duty table insures a flat surface, with squaring corners, and a set of pneumatic clamps to secure the frame during assembly. Used in conjunction with a pocket hole cutter, such as the R200T, or the R220T, to create the screw pocket.

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Ritter R200EA 5’x12′ Face Frame Assembly Table