Northtech NT CFS-100A Automatic Crayon Mark & Defect Saw

With feed speeds up to 240 FPM and up to 80 highly accurate cuts per minute, the NT CFS-100A processes up to 3-5 times more material than manual cut-off saws. The precision computer-controlled servo consistently positions the cut line within 1 mm of the saw blade, eliminating mistakes and minimizing waste to increase your yield by 3-5% (average). An intuitive graphical user interface (with touchscreen control) enables a shorter learning curve and simplifies operation.

User-selectable cutting modes include:

  1. Fixed cutting length mode.
  2. Sequential cutting mode:
    • Program up to 10 sets of cutting sizes to memory (for sequential cutting mode only).
  3. Crayon mark cutting with double-end trimming.
  4. Crayon mark cutting with fixed-length cutting mode:
    • Simultaneously cuts out defects, cuts to a fixed length, and cuts to finger-jointing size without loss.

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