Northtech NT CutMate 3200D Series Double Knife Veneer Guillotine

Thanks to a partnership with SAVI Industri A/S–boasting the top market share in U.S.A. and UK for veneer guillotines–CutMate 3200D Series Double Knife Veneer Guillotines are constructed to maximize operator safety and comfort. All INNOVATOR guillotines employ complete hydraulic control of both knives and pack beam. This double knife guillotine is particularly useful for cutting wavy veneer bundles. Cutting accuracy is obtained by maintaining full pressure on the whole veneer bundle while cutting so any buckles in the veneers are straightened out. The cutting movement is performed on both sides of the veneer edges at the same time. All guillotines are engineered and manufactured to ensure precise linear and parallel cutting. When coupled with the INNOVATOR Double-Sided Veneer Glue Applicator (GlueMate 700) & Crossfeed Veneer Splicer (UltiMate series), the perfect gluing and jointing result is accomplished with high production efficiency.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout



  • Parallel cutting guaranteed
  • JAPAN YUKEN hydraulic system
  • With European safety standards
  • Able to use the front knife individually
  • JAPAN MITSUBISHI PLC control system
  • Rigid welded machine body for stable movement
  • Safety light barrier of knife and pack beam in front
  • Safety light barrier at the rear of the machine for safety concerns
  • Able to cut various materials including veneers, paper, plastic, etc.
  • Knives manufactured with high-speed steel to extend the grinding life
  • Pack beam with two cylinders & four firm guides for long-time operation
  • Adjustable pressure with hydraulic knives and pack beam for all kinds of veneers
  • Hydraulic-driven rear fence for adjustment of the veneer pack to minimize the scrape
  • Simultaneously cutting with two knives for timesaving production cycle (short working cycle)


CutMate D Series: 

  • “Safety locker” at the front end of the knife beam (unique and only in innovator’s guillotines) 
  • Extra knife beam safety valve with additional protective knife safety cylinder to prevent any drop of knife
  • Special designed “emergency valve” for the front knife to minimize operational danger caused by mechanical faults
  • High-speed movement of the firm working table by servo motor with three sets of linear guides and two sets of ballscrews
  • Optimizing program including manual cut mode, direct prog. Mode, final width mode, etc. To cover all requirements of veneering work



Model: NT CutMate 3200D
Cutting Length: 3200 mm ( 125.98”)
Daylight Opening 80 mm  (3.14”)
Electric Power: approx. 11 kw
Cutting Width: 30 ~ 470 mm (18.50”)
Dimensions of Guillotine (L x W x H): 4900 x 1800 x 2000 mm (193” x 71” x  79”)
Dimensions of Hydraulic Tank (L x W x H): 1150 x 550 x 1100 mm ( 45” x 22” x 43”)
Net Weight (with Hydraulic Tank): approx. 7780 kg (17752 Lbs.)