Northtech NT VeneerPlus G1 Longitudinal Veneer Splicers

The VeneerPlus accurately and firmly bonds veneer edges with no visible joint line. The NT VeneerPlus G1 Longitudinal Veneer Splicer is equipped with an integrated gluing system inside. It’s particularly suitable for the furniture industry and high-end decorative plywood. After the well-cut veneer strips are aligned evenly by the synchronized infeed rollers, the veneers are directly conveyed to the gluing unit for gluing edges and then transported to the heating section for glue curing. With the VeneerPlus, veneer gluing and splicing processes can be accomplished within one single machine. Combined with INNOVATOR Double Knife Veneer Guillotines (CutMate D series), a perfect veneer cutting and splicing system can be achieved.

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