Northtech NT UltiMate 3400 Series Crossfeed Veneer Splicer

The NT UltiMate 3400 Series Crossfeed Veneer Splicer is designed to create glue-spliced joints on long and panel-sized veneer faces. Veneer bundles can be well-cut straight with double knife guillotines and then pre-glued on the edges as preparation. The pre-glued veneer strips are fed into the machine manually with feeding stoppers for fast and easy operation. The efficient production output of the crossfeed splicing machines is a great deal faster than longitudinal splicing machines, this is especially beneficial for long veneers. An Automatic Stacking System with Trimming is available as optional equipment for a big step towards fully-automated production. Together with the Double Knife Veneer Guillotine, CutMate D series, Double-Sided Veneer Glue Applicator, GlueMate 700, and Veneer Fanning Machine, FanningMate, a full veneer-splicing line is assembled.

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