Northtech NT VeneerSolid M1 Longitudinal Veneer Splicer

The butt-jointed longitudinal veneer splicers manufactured by INNOVATOR Machinery, different from the traditional paper taping or zig-zag thread stitchers, are ideal for processing high-quality glue-spliced veneer faces. With INNOVATOR longitudinal veneer splicers, the well-cut and pre-glued veneer strips are fed into the machine manually for a perfect joint, especially suitable for splicing short veneers. This model, which is a perfect entry-level splicer for “custom shops” with lighter application requirements, also meets all the splicing performance features of INNOVATOR’s veneer splicing machines. This machine is also capable of splicing components for Diamond Match applications. Combined with INNOVATOR’s Double Knife Veneer Guillotines (CutMate D series) and Double Sided Veneer Glue Applicator (GlueMate 700), perfect veneer cutting, gluing, and splicing work can be achieved.

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NT VeneerSolid M1 Longitudinal Veneer Splicer
Northtech NT VeneerSolid M1 Longitudinal Veneer Splicer
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  • With high cost-performance value
  • Complied with European safety standards
  • Rigid welded machine body for stable splicing work
  • The bottom transporting chains guided by wear-resistant rails
  • Special-designed pressurized and heating mechanical structures
  • Pre-glued and dried veneers required prior to feeding into the machine for jointing
  • Splicing up to 3.5 mm pre-glued veneers by adjusting production speed and temperature
  • The top head unit mounted by means of pneumatic cylinders and guided by two linear guides
  • The latest designed transporting chains of engineering plastics for reducing the heat on veneers
  • Reflective photocell sensor in the infeed section to ensure a perfect alignment of the jointed veneers
  • Both top and bottom central heating strips coated with chromium material for easy cleaning and maintenance


VeneerSolid M1:

  • GERMANY FESTO pneumatic system, the well-known and the top brand for easy parts purchase and after-sales service
  • Narrow heating zone with individual temperature controllers for minimizing the heat to avoid deforming splicing veneers
  • The top and bottom transporting chains are driven by one spur gear motor for synchronization with one inverter controlling the running speed


Veneer Strip Thickness (depending on veneer condition) : approx. 0.35 – 1.5 mm (0.013’’ – 0.059’’)

Solutions of splicing veneers with a thickness of 1.5 ~ 3.5 mm offered. (0.059’’ – 0.137’’)

Veneer Strip Length : min. 200 mm (7.87’’)
Veneer Strip Width : min. 45 mm (1.77’’)
Production Speed : up to 30 m/min. (98 FPM)
Electric Power : approx. 4 kW
Compressed Air : 3/8 line @ 90 Psi
Heating Temperature: 100 – 220 °C (212°F – 428°F)
Heating Zone: 800 mm (31.49’’)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm (86’’ x 86’’ x 86’’)
Net Weight: approx. 950 kg (2094 Lbs.)