SCM formula s 440p – s 540p – s 640p – s 740p – s 940p Line of Bandsaws (17″-37″)


We searched high and low trying to find the best bandsaws available at this price point and the “formula s” will not disappoint. These are simply the best bandsaws considering price, resaw height, power, and it’s beefy structure with more bracing than it’s competitors. PLUS it’s backed by SCM!

Massive, high-precision, professional band saws for the D.I.Y. woodworkers and the carpentries.

The S 440P is the number one selling formula bandsaw in North America. This Italian designed and manufactured machine is considered THE bandsaw to use for the most discriminating professionals and hobbyists alike. With engineering and design features found nowhere else, it is easy to see why this is the top selling machine in our formula lineup. Powerful single-phase motors (4.8hp), heavy-duty large cast-iron balanced wheels with a tongue and groove system for easy replacement of rubber tires, and robust cast iron and steel components with easy to use controls and unparalleled safety features make this the bandsaw of choice for thousands!

The S 540P is the big brother of the S 440p. For those looking for single-phase power, but with a larger throat for increased resaw capacity, this is the machine for you. With all of the features of its smaller brother, this bandsaw is for when you need to resaw up to 20” of material. With the right blade, you can easily make your veneers from those big resaw project pieces!

The S 640P is the beast of the Professional Series Bandsaws. This bandsaw comes in either single-phase or 3-phase depending on your electrical specs and production needs. With single-phase power, you get a hardy 4.8hp bandsaw. If you are higher production or do primarily resaw, you can get yourself the 3-phase version with a whopping 9hp! With such robust power you can easily resaw 24” logs while still having the ability to do fine intricate scrollwork. Whatever your project needs are, the S 640p delivers!

S 740P, S 840P, and S 940P Industrial Series Bandsaws

The Industrial Series of Bandsaws by formula come with even heavier features and larger motors. These machines are all 3-phase and are meant for heavy duty resaw and are even used in non-wood applications in the advanced materials industries.

SCM formula s 440p – s 540p – s 640p – s 740p – s 940p Line of Bandsaws (17″-37″)
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