SCM minimax me 35 Edgebander (1-Phase & 3-Phase)


Very easy to use and intuitive are good ways to describe the me 35. Choose between the me 35 et with a radius feature or the me 35etr with corner rounding.

Ease-of-use with all inclusive equipment: me 35, with gluing of the panel edge, also with edging solid wood strips up to 5 mm thickness, offers the “very best” performance in edge banders at this level.
The features, coupled to its ease-of-use, makes it the perfect edge bander for small woodworking, furniture and panel processing companies.

me 35. Further enhanced compared to its predecessor with the new end cutting-rounding unit. This new unit allows further processing, saving a substantial amount of time with an ease of processing.
This technological solution is unique in its category, where such operations are normally a feature of more expensive and higher level machinery.

SCM minimax me 35 Edgebander (1-Phase & 3-Phase)
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