SCM minimax tw 55es 10 HP Sliding Tilting Shaper (1-Phase or 3-Phase)


We can not find a better European machine at this price point, of this quality, and with these features. Extreme flexibility and versatility all in one well optioned package!

Available in 1-Phase model tw 55es-1ph(4.8hp) or 3-Phase model tw 55es-3ph (10 hp). US model has hand wheels however this model can be special ordered with powered movement.

The right spindle shaper for demanding craftsmen and carpentries, thanks to its customization and flexibility.
The minimax tw 55es is the culmination of years of experience in manufacturing quality solid wood SCM products. This 4-speed heavy duty machine is standard with both a sliding table and tilt! The slider has hardened steel guide ways and precision bearings, so it incorporates the exact technology found in our top selling sliding table saws! The hood has memory pins so if removed, it will go right back into the same position, making this shaper accurate and repeatable.

Maximum stability and rigidity in every working condition thanks to a big cast iron spindle shaper unit and a sturdy base in single-block steel. Great versatility with the spindle shaper with 4 speeds and available in fixed or tilting version. Best support in all machinings, thanks to the 330 mm width sliding table.

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Unsurpassed moulding
Maximum stability and rigidity in all working conditions, thanks to a large spindle shaper column made entirely of cast iron. The 4 standard speed are ideal for any type of machining, from shaping to routing and tenoning, with the possibility to fit tools up to 320 mm of diameter (300 mm no CE).

High-tech accessories
As option it is available the spindle shaper hood that uses a system for adjusting the guides with a rack and it is fitted with a mechanical digital readout. Thanks to the system of memories the hood can be removed and repositioned without losing the machining position. The maximum tool diameter during moulding operations is 240 mm.

Unrivalled cutting finishing
Optimal support also to larger pieces, with the new sliding table 360 mm wide. Exceptional precision and smoothness: to secure the guides it is not used glue, since the thickness could affect sliding. They are secured with a procedure of aluminum riveting.

Technical data

minimax tw 55es
Surfacing tables total length mm 125
Spindle moulder speed (a 50 Hz) rpm 3500/6000/8000/10.000
Max. tool diameter when profiling mm 210 ÷ 240
Max. tool diameter lowered under the table at 90° mm 240
Max. tool diameter when tenoning mm 320 (300 no CE)
Three-phase motors starting from kW/Hz 5 (6) / 50 (60)


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1-Phase model tw 55es-1ph (4.8hp), 3-Phase model tw 55es-3ph (10hp)