SCM minimax t 124 Wood “Copy Lathe (1-Phase)


Once you are proficient with this machine you should be able to make an average part in about 2 minutes! Basically this is a very cost effective way to turn custom parts.

Woodturning lathe for D.I.Y. woodworkers and craftsmen workshops fast, easy-to-use, reliable.

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Copier enables copying work at diameters greater or smaller than the template of pattern. Feed by hand-wheel.

Mobile steady rest with pre-cutting tool to guarantee a perfect finishing.

Four-jaw chuck 125 mm diameter, for the rapid clamping of squared or circular components.

Technical data

T 124
Distance between centers, with copying device mm / inches 1150 / 42.25, 1120 / 44
Centers height (Swing) mm / inches 200 (400) / 7.8 (15.75)
4 chuck speeds rpm 570/1000/1850/2500
Single-phase motor Hp 2.5