RazorGage ST RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System

Programmable Saw Stop & Pusher

The RazorGage ST RG3 Automatic Saw Measuring System is at the heart of the RazorGage product line. Whether you use the ST as an automatic pusher or an automatic saw measuring stop, this digital saw stop and measuring fence can be used with a chop saw, upcut saw, downcut saw, drill press, haunching, notching, and punching machines. When looking to improve output and efficiency for your operations, the RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability, and long-lasting dependability.

NEW FOR 2023!

The RGST software has been
re-written from the ground
up. The software retains all
the same features as before
but with an even simpler
interface. A new UPDATE
button allows you to update
to the latest version instantly.

RazorGage is now driven
by a Yaskawa servo.
Yaskawa is the only
industrial drives
and motion control
manufacturer to win
the Deming Medal,
the most prestigious
quality award in manufacturing.

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