RazorGage APS Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System

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Automatic Optimizing Industrial Upcut Saw System

The RazorGage APS Automatic Optimizing Upcut Saw System is built around the powerful and highly accurate RazorGage ST Automatic Saw Measuring System and the durable, clean-cutting Cyclone 600 Upcut Saw.

The APS optimizes your cuts, but the main feature is the Automatic Pusher System which allows you to push “Go” and stand back. The automatic saw does the work and allows one person to both feed the saw and offload the finished parts. The APS automatic positioner and automated saw system enable more efficient processes in your cutting operation.

The Intelligent Clamping System eliminates the dangerous condition caused by half clamping the leading or trailing edge of your material, which leads to scrapped parts. The accuracy and efficiency of the cutting process eliminate mistakes which further optimizes the production flow to minimize the time required to complete the job.

Great for cutting Wood, Aluminum, or nearly any non-ferrous metal. The aluminum cutting option includes an aluminum cutting blade and left and right mist blade lubrication.