Northtech NT 1000HCHD-XL 75HP+60HP Double Surface Planer (w/ Helical Cutterheads)

Northtech NT 1000HCHD-XL Helical Head Double Surface Planer

This behemoth of a planer boasts a monstrous 75 HP on the top head paired with a 60 HP motor driving the bottom head, all well supported by the rugged 1″ thick cast and steel plate construction. A VFD-controlled 7.5 HP motor attached to the carpet spike system (with 1,900 hardened spikes!) steadily and securely feeds even your largest materials–up to 41″ (W) and 8″ (H)–through the dual 9-row helical insert cutter heads. Three (3) 5″ dust ports allow for quick removal of shavings, and the automatic lubricator keeps everything running smoothly with less required maintenance. Digital controls ensure simple, accurate, and precise control of thickness and speed settings.

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