Osama SBR-250 Top & Bottom Gluer / Bench Top Model


Yes, you can get legs for it as an option to make it a stand alone unit.

This so-called “bench model” gluer is in fact often used by our customers for quite exacting forms of processing, with astounding results.

Unlike the single roller model, this is clearly a complete gluer able to apply glue to both sides of the strip, or to one side only, as required.

Main production uses include gluing strips, sheets, parquet, etc…..

Glue is precisely dispensed as the working area is relatively narrow.

Easy to use and quick to clean, preferably always using hot water and when possible at mains water pressure at the washing point.

Optional accessories include the two input and exit roller units both 500 mm wide, whose purpose is to provide support for the strips. These units can be supplied in various sizes and widths as required, either motor driven or idle.

Mechanical speed variator or electronic inverter with internal parts of the structure in stainless steel.

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