JLT #190C- Large Capacity Drawer & Box Clamp 12″ X 48″ X 48″ Capacity



  • Large Capacity 12″ x 48″ x 48″
  • Pneumatically Operated with Foot Pedal Activation
  • Includes (4) Heavy Duty Pneumatic Horizontal Clamps
  • Side Mounted Pressure Hold Kit with Lever Valve Activation
  • Produces up to 3500# of Clamping Pressure
  • Upright Vertical Working Design
  • Shipped Pre-Assembled
  • Footprint 70″ L x 86″ H x 32″ W

The JLT Heavy Upper Box and Case Clamp is Designed to Clamp and Square all Doweled and Dovetail Box Construction Types. Our Design is Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Intuitive to Use, and Built to Last. It has Precise Squaring Capabilities with ample Clamping Pressure for your Boxes. A Quick Adjusting Roller Carriage Eliminated Setup Times when moving from Size to Size, and our Fast Acting Pneumatic System will Clamp and Square the Box in (2) Seconds.

Machine Footprint: 82″L x 86″H x 36″W

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