Taylor #80Z / #80Y – Super Automated Clamp Carrier

Increased Production over the Standard Automated Design

Designed for Large Shops who produce up to 1200 – 1400 Panels in a day.

Higher Production Wood Clamping system; The Taylor Super Automated increases the productivity over the Taylor Automated machine. This versatile carrier can handle many of the long, wide, and thick laminations that are needed in the industry.


  • Produces up to 4500 ft2 / Shift
  • Standard Machine Features
    • Machine Frames Built to Match Product Dimensions
    • Taylor’s Patented Clamp Design in Lengths to Meet your Needs
    • PLC Controlled Automated Tightener / Flattener System
    • Overhead Loosening System to Improve Cycle Time and Increase Production
    • Heavy Duty Motor Drive(s) for Rotation of the Sections
  • Hydraulic Models Standard

Taylor’s Super Automated Clamp Carrier design increases the productivity of the machine by 20% without any change in operation or additional floor space. The industrial wood clamps machine has a separate loosening station above the operator which loosens the wood clamps one row before the panels are removed from the machine. This shortens the cycle time of the machine by at least 15 seconds which equates to one extra hour of production per shift. The technology used to do this is from our Dual Automated wood clamp machine where we have dozens of machines in operation in factories across the U.S.


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