Taylor Side Loading Automated Clamp Carrier

Taylor Automated Machine for Gluing & Laminating Long Material

Efficient Continuous Flow Design to Increase Production of Beams, Posts, Flooring, Railing Stock, Molding Stock and More!!

Taylor automated machine for gluing & laminating long material. The Continuous flow operation works well with both edge glued and face glued long components in a high production environment.


  • Typically used to Edge and Face Glue Long Components
  • Standard Machine Features
    • Machine Frames Built to Match Product Dimensions
    • Taylor’s Patented Clamp Design in Lengths to Meet your Needs
    • Infeed for Material Layup
      • Includes a Hydraulic Push Bar to push material into the Clamps
    • PLC Controlled Automated Tightener / Flattener System
    • Heavy Duty Motor Drive(s) for Rotation of the Sections
  • Hydraulic Models Available

(Additional Information and Specifications Below)

The Side Loading Automated Clamp Carrier is a standard model in our Automated Clamp Carrier line. The system includes all the productivity and design features of our Automated Clamp Carrier. However, it is equipped with a side loading infeed table and application system. This design is especially effective when edge gluing or laminating long material. Productivity levels are higher than the standard Automated Clamp Carrier because panels are being laid up on the infeed table at the same time that the previous panel is being tightened and flattened. In addition, large panels are pushed out of the machine onto a table or conveyor. This eliminates heavy lifting.

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