Taylor #140C- PVA Mixer

Save Labor and Material by Automatically Pumping Precisely Metered Quantities

of PVA Resin and Catalyst


  • Accurate, Consistent, Adjustable Metering of Components– The Taylor air-actuated, self-priming, positive displacement piston pumps ensure accurate and consistent metering of components. By adjusting the strokes of the catalyst and waste water pumps, catalyst and waste water-to-resin ratios can be adjusted from 0% to 10%. A fluid flow control valve/pressure gauge system is incorporated to provide for very precise calibration of the Mixer
  • High Capacity– Supplies mixed adhesive continuously at over 50 gallons per hour
  • Versatility– Up to four independently controlled outlets. Each glue outlet has its own three-position control switch, providing three operating modes for each outlet: continuous “off” mode, continuous “on” mode and electronic level-sensing “automatic” mode
  • Recycling of Waste Water– The Taylor PVA Mixer can recycle clean- up water back into the glue mixture thus reducing high waste water disposal costs


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