Taylor #912A- Taylor Return Conveyor for a Straight Line Rip Saw

Customize a Return Conveyor to fit your products

and Straight Line Saw


  • (3) Machine Lengths Return Material up to 60″ Long, 84″ Long, and 90″ Long
  • Catch Area Widths of 36″ Wide, 48″ Wide, and 60″ Wide
  • 18″ Wide, 24″ Wide, and 36″ Wide Return Sections can Return Material up to 14″ Wide, 20″ Wide, and 50″ Wide respectively
  • Drop Away Receiver Gently Transfers Parts to Cross Conveyors
    • Photo Eye Triggers Drop on Receiving Conveyor. A PLC Automatically Adjusts the Timing Based on Conveyor Speed
  • Any Length Return (in one foot increments, measured from tail end of Straight Line Rip Saw) composed of modular sections.
    • All rollers are powered and individually clutched for long belt life.
    • Roller Spacing 3″ center to center.
  • Variable Speed AC drive matches conveyor feed rate to rip saw feed rate.

A Return Conveyor is an Easy Machine to Justify. The Investment is not Large and every hour, day, or week that it is used saves all the $$$$ associated with one person’s salary and benefits. Return Conveyors on straight line rip saw have a fast payback. Most boards need 2+ passes through the saw, so productivity is increased by 100% or more. Usually the catch width is sized so boards can be ripped on both sides of the blade


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