Steff 2038CI 3-Belt 8-Speed Feeder With Stand


Steff 2038ci Belted Power Feeder

Maggi automatic stock feeders, known under the STEFF brand, have made history. They are vital accident prevention devices on traditional machines on which it is necessary to carry out precise, reliable, and fast machining, all the while ensuring maximum safety for the operator. Steff Power Feeders also offer an excellent value to cost ratio!

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Steff 2038CI 3-Belt 8-Speed Feeder With Stand
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  • Roller/Belt Vertical Range of Motion is 1 inch.
  • Electrostatic paint finish.
  • Sintered case hardened gears.
  • Bronze alloy main drive gear.
  • Natural rubber, 50 shore hardness rollers/belts. (Polyurethane rollers are also available).
  • Calibrated spring support to maintain consistent roller contact.


Feed Rollers:

Number of Rollers:


Roller Dimensions:

Ø 120 x 60 mm

Roller Hardness:

50 shore

Roller Springing Travel:

20 mm

Feed Speeds:

2 / 4 / 5,5 / 6,5 / 11 / 13 / 16,5 / 33 m/min

Motor Power:

Single-Phase Motor:

0,52 kW

Three-Phase Motor:

0,75 kW

Feeder Dimensions:

480x474x220 mm

Shipping Dimensions:

670x570x330 mm

Net Weight:

31 kg

Gross (Shipping) Weight:

33 kg

Standard Support Stand:

(*other stand models/sizes available)


540 mm

Arm Length:

705 mm

Net Weight:

35 kg

Gross (Shipping) Weight:

37 kg

Shipping Dimensions:

800x330x330 mm

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230V Single-Phase, 230V Three-Phase, 440V Three-Phase