JLT #717C-M-PL Miter Door Clamp With MDF/HDF Clamping Kit 25″ X 61″ Capacity



  • 25″ x 61″ Maximum capacity.
  • Minimum 9″ Clamping Capacity.
  • Includes (2) Vertical Clamps & (2) Horizontal Clamps.
  • Each clamp includes the JLT Dial Control System for fine adjustments, which is simple and easy to use.
    • This innovative Dial Control System allows for adjustments in BOTH directions while the door is under clamping pressure
  • Precise and Accurate Squaring for both Miter and Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors
  • Precisely Clamp and Square MDF or HDF Doors too!!
    • Includes MDF/HDF Clamping Kit Featuring Non-Marring UHMW Plastic For All Clamping Surfaces
  • Easy to use, Single Lever Operation.
  • Fast Changeovers
  • 15 Degree Working Angle


Enhanced Features from the Tried & True #79K Design:

  • Intuitive Trident Pin System allows even Quicker and Easier setup than ever before.
  • Cylinders Located in the back of the machine to Provide Operator with Additional Working Space.
  • Redesigned Jaws with Thumb Plate for Increased Efficiency.
  • Thicker Push Bars Decrease Daily Wear and Tear.

* This model is the JLT  #717A-M clamp with UHMW plastic clamping surfaces added to protect MDF/HDF doors.

Machine Footprint: 86″L x 50″H x 36″W

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JLT #717C-M-PL Miter Door Clamp With MDF/HDF Clamping Kit 25″ X 61″ Capacity