Evans Midwest AC 3120 AutoCove™ Machine

Evans Midwest AutoCove™ AC 3120 Is the perfect machine for the medium size kitchen countertop manufacturer; it is designed to produce up to one countertop per minute or 5,000 linear feet per shift.

The pneumatic lift & clamp system, electronically-controlled heat bar, cove-stick feeding/clamping system, and unique two-stage forming mechanism ensure a true 90° backsplash every time.

Optional powered infeed conveyor and automatic loading system maximize throughput without additional labor.

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Evans Midwest AC 3120 AutoCove™ Machine
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AC 3120 Features:

  • Heavy-duty frame with additional cross support beams to reduce flexing
  • Rigid rear fence assembly with large-diameter jack screws and seven (7) contact points
  • Pneumatic lift and clamp system with air bladder and hold over cylinders to ensure countertop contact with rear fence and cove bar assembly
  • Aluminum cove bar assembly with electronic temperature controls
  • Automatic cove stick system with electronic linear actuator pusher and variable speed control
  • Cove stick placement rack with five (5) pneumatic cylinders
  • Nordson Durablue™ Hot Melt System air-actuated glue gun and manifold
  • Automatic form bar assembly with unique twin-cylinder, dual-actuating design ensures concentricity
  • Ten (10) 90° stops
  • Electronically controlled with adjustment
  • Operator interface (HMI) with PLC-controlled sequence of operation
  • Special infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Optional automatic load/unload system

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The Evans Midwest family of AutoCove™ Machines is uniquely designed to postform the inside radius of a kitchen countertop or vanity top with a covered backsplash, in high-volume production environments. The key to producing a quality backsplash is a rigid frame and rear fence, uniform contact of the countertop to the heating element, and a concentric forming bar to prevent stretching. The AutoCove™ Coving machine is designed to meet these specific objectives. Midwest machines have been used extensively in the kitchen countertop industries for over 50 years. Evans Midwest helps you laminate better, increase productivity, and improve quality.