Laguna Wood Pro 37″ Widebelt Sander


The Laguna Wood Pro 37″ Widebelt Sander is equipped with 1 combination head. This means you can sand either using the drum or the sanding platen or both at the same time. Due to the large HP motor (20 HP) the machine is capable of dimensioning even wide boards. This is important for customers who do not own a thickness planer. When you use the machine to dimension your work only very aggressive paper 60 or 80 grit should be used. The heavy carpet feed belt is powered by a separate 1HP motor and has a variable speed conveyor of 12-60 FPM.

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Single Drum
Main Motor: 20HP
Variable Feed Motor : 1HP
Table Lifting Motor: 0.25HP
Capacity: 37″
Belt Length: 75″


You can adjust the thickness in 3 ways:
1) Manual hand-wheel on the bottom of the machine
2) By pressing the up or down arrow the table will move in the desired direction. By tapping these same arrows the machine will move an exact amount each tap
3) The auto thickness gauge will measure your wood piece and automatically set the table to the thickness of the piece of wood inserted
Max Sanding Width: 36-½″ (927mm)
Sanding Belt Size: 37″ x 75″ (940mm x 1905mm)
Adjustable Sanding Platen: 3″ (76mm)
Diameter of Sanding Drum: 4″ (101mm)
Length of Sanding Drum: 37″ (965mm)
Sanding Drum RPM: 1725
Variable Conveyor Speed: 12 – 60 fpm
Dust Port Size: 4″ (101mm)
Number of Dust Ports: 3
Footprint: 19″ x 51″ (483mm x 1300mm)
Width x Depth: 56-½″ x 51″ (483mm x 1300mm)
Height With Dust Collection Ports: 77-½″ (1968mm)
Height Without Dust Collection Ports: 71-½″ (1816mm)
Conveyor Height At Lowest Setting: 32″ (813mm)
Cabinet: Steel
Operating Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Sanding Belt Oscillation: Adjustable
Sanding Belt Motor Brake: Yes. Air Operated Disc Brake
CSA: Fully Certified
Net Weight: 1980 lbs


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