Northtech NT MRS-350 Gang Rip Saw

The MRS-350 Heavy Duty Gang Rip Saw: Your ultimate solution for precise, efficient, and reliable cutting operations!

The MRS-350 Heavy Duty Gang Rip Saw stands out with its advanced features, ensuring optimal performance. From its dual-row laser mounts for precise cuts to its variable feed speed for operational flexibility, this machine is designed for both accuracy and efficiency. Its robust build guarantees longevity, while the intuitive control panel ensures ease of use.

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Northtech NT MRS-350 Heavy Duty Gang Rip Saw
Northtech NT MRS-350 Gang Rip Saw
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Features and Benefits

  • Dual Row Laser Mounts: Precise cuts with full arbor coverage.
  • Variable Feed Speed: Adjustability for diverse operations.
  • Full Slide Rail Fence: Consistent rip positioning.
  • Safety Interlocks: Maximum operator protection.
  • V-Belt Drive: Consistent power delivery during intense cutting.
  • Central Lubrication System: Consistent lubrication with safety features.
  • High Rise Hood: Enhanced safety with visual blade stop indicator.

Precision Meets Efficiency

Introducing the MRS-350 Heavy Duty Gang Rip Saw, a machine that redefines precision and efficiency in woodworking. This saw boasts a range of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern woodworking professionals.

Cutting-Edge Features

The dual-row laser mounts offer full arbor coverage, ensuring every cut is precise, even on narrow rips. With the adjustable feed speed, operators can easily tailor the machine’s performance to the task at hand. The full slide rail fence ensures repeatable rip positioning, making every cut consistent.

Uncompromised Safety

Safety is paramount, and the MRS-350 doesn’t compromise. From its triple-guarded anti-kickback fingers to the safety interlocks that prevent unintended access, every feature is designed with the operator’s well-being in mind. The central lubrication system ensures smooth operation and comes with a low-level shutdown feature for added safety.

Consistent Power Delivery

The machine’s V-Belt drive, equipped with matched belts, ensures consistent power delivery, even during the most demanding cuts. The high-rise hood, complete with a safety interlock indicator light, ensures operators know when to access the machine safely.

Optional Features for Enhanced Convenience

Optional features like the single-blade quick lock collars offer added convenience, especially when frequent size changes are needed.

A Testament to Woodworking Excellence

The MRS-350 Heavy Duty Gang Rip Saw is more than just a machine; it’s a testament to precision, efficiency, and safety in woodworking.


Saw arbor motor

50 HP

Feed motor

2 HP

Max. cutting thickness

12″ Ø Blade for 2.9″ max cutting thickness… (and so on for other blade sizes)

Max. cutting width

350 mm (13.8″)

Distance from first blade to cover

630mm (24.8″)

Min. working length

650 mm (25.6″); 550mm (22″) with optional short pressure plate

Saw blade diameter range

12″ – 16″

Saw blade bore

70 mm (2.8″)

Arbor diameter

50 mm (2″)

Saw arbor speed

3800 RPM

Variable feed speed

(7.5m – 30m/min) 25-100 FPM

Upper assembly elevation motor

0.5 HP



Packing dimensions (LxWxH)

71″ x 84″ x 69″

Net / Gross weight

5,300 lbs. / 5,750 lbs.