Cameron Automation #415A-AOR – The Automated Opti-Rip (Gang)

***Please note: This product has territorial restrictions. Meaning we can only sell it with in a certain radius from our location in Kingston, TN. However please contact us and we will point you to the right point of contact for your area. We are always here to help.

The Automated Opti-Rip rip saw optimization system is very adaptable to many material handling systems. Some of our systems are fed manually from a scissor lift of planed lumber. Some systems have a landing deck and are fed from the outfeed conveyor of a planer and some systems are fed by destackers and singulation machines.

  • Adaptable to many Material Handling Systems
  • (1) Operator Runs Whole Process from Bundle Dumper through to Rip Saw
  • Same Industry Leading Features of the Cameron Quick Rip for High Yield and Accuracy
  • Compatible with all 24″ & 40″ Fixed saws, and most Moving Arbor Saws on the Market
  • Cameron Saw Models:
    1. #413A – 12″ Wide (2) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Saw
    2. #413B – 18″ Wide (3) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw
    3. #413C – 24″ Wide (4) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw

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