Cameron Automation #411A- Skew Rip System (Gang)

***Please note: This product has territorial restrictions. Meaning we can only sell it with in a certain radius from our location in Kingston, TN. However please contact us and we will point you to the right point of contact for your area. We are always here to help.

The Skew is a highly efficient, inexpensive, full featured, rip optimization system designed to fit any 12″ wide gang rip saw and specifically developed for the custom shop. The unique feature of The Skew is the “skewing fence”.  It has the ability to twist and feed the board into the saw to get the best yield.  The Skew also has all the features of the high-end optimization systems like: lumber tallying, pack reporting, bundle reporting, yield calculations, simulations, and much more. The greatest benefit of The Skew is the Return on Investment, which can be well under 1 year.

Typical Skew Rip System Customers:

  • Molding & Millwork Shops
  • Cabinet Shops
  • Flooring Manufacturer
  • Wholesale Lumber Distributor
  • Door Manufacturer
  • Stair & Railing Manufacturer

Many Skew Systems include a Cameron (2) or (3) Moving Blade Rip Saw, but with our Cameron Opti-Rip Software, we are able to communicate with Moving Blade Saws from other Manufacturers: Mereen-Johnson, Raiman, Cantek, and Kentwood to name a few.

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