Northtech NT-DC30-312 3 HP Dust Collector 230V Single-Phase

This portable dust collector from Northtech has two (2) large 31” x 59” polyester filter bags up top with two (2) 31” x 40” collection bags below to efficiently separate and contain sawdust and chips. The 8″ inlet and included manifold with four (4) 4″ ports enable easy connection to multiple machines to share the 3100 CFM produced by the 3 HP single-phase motor and 13-1/2″ steel impeller. 

Cutting, sanding, and shaping create large amounts of dust, shavings, and other waste that can cause severe health and safety issues if not dealt with properly. Insufficient and ineffective dust-collectors also affect the machines they’re connected to, leading to decreased performance, lower productivity, increased maintenance, and costly repairs. Upgrading your shop with a Northtech dust collector is a simple and affordable step toward protecting your business, your health, and your bottom-line. 

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