Northtech NT-IDOVETAL24 CNC DOVETAILER The Way a Dovetailer should be! (24″ or 30″)

This is the easiest and most user friendly dovetailer ever available. Available in 24″ or 30″ capacities. The Northtech iDovetailer instructs the operator step by step through the process through an animated guide, and in most modes requires no fence movements, eliminating long and costly learning curves of new operators. This premium graphic interface, reduces the learning curve while making it easy to change custom profiles. Unlike other CNC dovetailers, the iDovetailer is equipped with X-Y-Z CNC movements. This allows for 8 different profile modes, including basic dovetail through complex mortise and tenon or mitered joints. Real time 3-D renderings of the joint with the change of a single dimension. Preset programming includes auto bit recognition to ensure the correct bit is installed before making the first cut.