Laguna DT18 Dovetail Machine


The Laguna DT18 Dovetail machine creates perfect dovetail joints effortlessly at a production rate of approximately 40-50 boxes per hour. Dovetail joints are widely recognized as one of the strongest and most durable joints in woodworking and add value to users’ cabinet jobs.

This machine cuts the pins and tails separately or at the same time to speed up production. Individual pneumatic clamps allow users to cut two joints in one pass or to work on wide panels for furniture. The collet chuck makes bit changes fast and easy and increases cutter life. Adjustments are read on individual scales for quick, repeatable setups. The centralized control panel makes the operation easy and automatic; the operator just needs to load the parts and start. This machine is assured to increase your profits and productivity.

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Thickness of Tenon: 1/8″ – 2-23/64″
Width of Tenon: 15/64″ – 23/32″
Depth of Tenon: 25/64″ – 1-3/16″
Cutter Bit Vertical Adj. 1-3/16″


Maximum Work-Piece: 59″ x 16″
Pneumatic Clamps: 4 With Individual Controls
Spindle Speed: 21,500 RPM
Motor: 2HP 220V 3-Phase
Base Size: 42″ x 22″
Machine Size: 56″ x 36″
Dust Port: 4″
Air Pressure Requirement: 71 psi
Weight: 1,320 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 60″ x 50″ x 50″