This is a very well maintained owner operator machine. Meaning the actual owners operated it. It was also not “production used” as the shop it came from did one off custom work. Want proof as to condition? The chain has not been hit a single time by a blade! If you look at the feed-chain you will see it is in very good condition. The over-all condition supports the story that comes with the machine. It is complete, in full working order, and in very good condition. The feed-chain width is 12″ and has variable speeds from 0-120 FPM. The main motor is 38 KW or 50 hp. The arbor is 12.5″ wide and 70 mm and will accept a 350 mm/14″ blade. Thickness capacity is 4.5″. The machine is rated at 124 amps @ 230V/3 Phase. There is one bottom set of kick back fingers and two tops sets which look like they have never seen a kick back. You will also get a height wrench, arbor wrenches, 13 blades, and 47 assorted spacers. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company!