We have seen a lot of presses. If we had a choice we would buy Joos and Joos alone. We choose Joos because of the stellar service and support Joos USA offers in addition to the the quality of every component on a Joos press. From the quality of the actual steel that makes the frame to the placement of supports. Hi end/no compromise components and engineering can be found through-out their products. You get gold anodized platens and features like their patented ABS that all but eliminates pressing incorrectly loaded or forgotten parts. Did we mention the Elkom platens! You can also choose between glycol/water, electric, or oil heated platens. Electic plates to 425 degrees (working) Fahrenheit,  high pressure plates that can reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 1 degree or oil plates up to 800 degrees.  One thing that is often over looked is the quality of their heaters. They offer the most stable temperatures with the minimum energy consumption. Contact us for a quote today.