This is Black Bros heavy duty model (Sporting 8″ Rolls) and not to be confused with it’s lighter sibling! It is well optioned and in excellent condition especially for a glue spreader. It can handle material up to 6″ thick, but it also excels in laying a precision layer of glue on the top as it features the “Reverse Roll Filling Top Head Configuration” where as there is a chrome doctor roll on each side of the applicator roll. One to set the glue line with the applicator roll (meaning it indexes off the applicator roll itself) and the other to remove any excess glue to guarantee uniform thickness (meaning it indexes off the substrate and has vertical adjust-ability off the top of the substrate glue is being applied too). This gives amazing results especially on thinner materials or where a precise glue line is required. Additionally you can disengage the second doctor roll and use it as a traditional “Direct Coating Configuration” machine. The lower roll features a “Direct Coating Configuration” meaning a roll and traditional single doctor roll. Variable speed of 40-120 FPM via Twin 1-1/2 hp Reeves drives.  Full length operating control bars on both sides offer convenient machine control for forward, reverse, and emergency stops. This machine is also equipped with a pneumatic spray bar for ease of cleaning and flushing of the machine. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your companynote: no end seals on bottom heads.