This is a very low use Morso EH that uses 220V single phase power. This is the hydraulic version and it has several key advantages. Since it is a guillotine, and doesn’t use blades, it is quiet, dust free, and requires dual hand operation making it safe as well. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company!

Same as the standard MORSØ-E Future Green but with special electrics for 220 volt – single phase power supply.

MORSØ-E Future Green is a fully automatic, electric miter machine with a dual hand release. This makes the machine absolutely safe to operate as it is impossible to start the machine and touch the knives at the same time.
With the MORSØ-EH you achieve a clean, smooth cut as the work piece is automatically cut multiple times as long as both push buttons are activated at the same time . The cutting time varies from 1 second and up, depending on the thickness of the work piece.

The starting position is horizontally adjustable up to 60 mm (2.4’’). Maximum width of the work piece is 100 mm (4’’). From a 60 mm (2.4’’) width, the MORSØ-E Future Green will automatically cut the work piece bit by bit. The variable starting position is adjusted by a handle.
The vertical movement of the knives is also adjustable with three different heights. One for small work pieces, a second for medium-sized work pieces and a third for very thick work pieces (up to 180 mm / 7’’).

Technical Specifications:

Electrical connection    220 volt, single phase, 15 Amp, 1.1Kw
Double miter               45°
Single Miter                up to 90°
Cutting width max.      100 mm (4”)
Cutting height max     180 mm (7”)
Measuring scale          1,500 mm (60”)
Motor three phase       0,55 kW
Net weight                  135 kilos (298 lbs)
MORSØ-E Future Green is delivered with:
• dual hand release
• safety guard
• sliding longitudinal stop
• a second stop
• measuring scale up to 1.500 mm (60’’)
• waste chute
• adjustable fences
• adjustable and automatic rebate support
• adjustable hydraulic clamping cylinders