Razorgage ST-A Automatic Saw Measuring System

Programmable Saw Stop

The RazorGage ST-A Automatic Saw Measuring System is an automated, programmable saw stop with a large 7.1-inch touchscreen Android interface that enables fast, easy, and intuitive operation — no matter your settings and desired part lengths. Fraction keys eliminate the need to memorize decimal equivalents or make calculations on the fly — the RazorGage ST-A does the math for you!

The ST-A digital saw stop and pusher is built using all of the same CNC quality mechanical features used in all RazorGage ST configuration positioners but without the full functionality of the RazorGage Windows application software.

When looking to improve your operations’ output and efficiency, the RazorGage ST-A Automatic Saw Measuring System offers the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability, and long-lasting dependability.

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