Laguna Wood Pro 43″ Widebelt Sander


The Laguna Tools 43″ 2RK (Roller + Combo head) wide belt sander is a perfect fit for woodworking shops of all sizes. The belt length is 75″, which is the same length as several larger machines. The longer belt means it will not only last longer due to more abrasive material, but it will also run cooler.

This Laguna Wood Pro 43″ Widebelt Sander is equipped with 1 ( 8”) roller and a second (4”) roller followed by a wide platen for a fine finish. This allows you to use a rougher grit on the first roller (8”) that will absorb most of the impact and do the dimensioning, while the second roller (4”) with the Platen can have a finer grit. This will save time over running your production through the machine 2 times & change belt grit. Due to the large HP motor (25 HP), the machine can dimension even wide boards. This is important for customers who do not own a thickness planer. When you use the machine to dimension your work, only very aggressive paper 60 or 80 grit should be used. A separate 2HP motor powers the heavy carpet feed belt, and the feed speed is adjustable from 12 to 60 fpm.

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