Hebrock K36 AirTronic Edgebander

The Hebrock K 36

We all know that Altendorf manufactures the best supported sliding table saws in the world. Altendorf’s Hebrock line of edgebanders follows that tradition.

Exceptional VALUE, Robust, Simple Operation

This Hebrock workhorse offers unheard of options. Developed to meet the highest demands, the K 36 represents absolute reliability and productivity in daily use. The option of fitting the machine with a step cutter and a multi-radius profile scraper raises Hebrock to a new benchmark in the world of perfect edge finishing with the most diverse edge thicknesses.
  • Max. edge thickness: 3 mm (optional up to 8 mm)
  • Max. workpiece thickness: 60 mm
  • Machine ready in 6 minutes


• PLC Control system with 10” touch screen, for quick and simple
• Glue station with pressure rollers
• Quick changeover glue pot, teflon coated, rapid heating and glue
changing device
• Pre-milling station for panel thickness up to 40 mm, with diamond
cutter heads. Max material removal at pre-mill station 2mm
• Pneumatic 3-point adjustment, adjustable from the control, multi tool
• FREE SPACE (for 2nd milling unit or grooving saw at end of machine. Only
one unit can be mounted. If grooving saw is selected, buffer is removed
• Corner rounding unit, with quick change device, with extra changeable
motor (max. H=40mm)
• Profile scraper, multi-radius (R1/R2)
• Surface scraper, with pneumatic disengagement
• Buffing / cleaning station

Other features included:
Cabin LED lighting
Nesting tracers for pre drilled panels

K36 – Showroom configuration As per above specifications, as priced,
adding the following units and features over the base K 36

• Airtronic: hot air application for generating the optical seamless joint,
panel height up to 40mm
Incl. special equipment for short workpieces;
corner rounding for 60mm workpiece height
Note: requires specific edging and tapes
• Pre-milling for panel thickness up to 60 mm, with diamond cutterheads
Max material removal at pre-mill station 3 mm panel thickness 8 – 40 mm
and 2 mm 40 – 60mm dependent on type of material
• 2
nd Milling station, incl. pneumatic disengagement and separate milling
adjustment with multitool
• Axis package: Programable motorized adjustments of height, edge and
pre-milling fence
• 8mm execution (up to max. 40mm height)
• Spraying unit for release agent
• Spraying unit for cleaning agent (on buffing)
• Protection spraying unit for edge protection, for delicate surfaces, ex:
High gloss
• Glue level sensor