Tyler 5′ X 10′ Hydraulic Cold Press


This Tyler 5′ X 10′ Hydraulic Cold Press has a 62″ X 122″ actual capacity. It’s powered by a 10 hp hydraulic power pack. It has (3) sections that can be pinned and tied together to form (1).  Additionally you can turn each section off reducing the press size to 40″ X 62″ or 80″ X 62″. The maximum opening is 31″ while the minimum opening is 20″.  The bottom plates are 40-1/2″ off the floor. The lower section also has spring loaded bed rollers. (note: the sections open up at different rates in the video as the press is empty/plates should only be pinned when heavily loaded)

This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company. It is owned by 360 Degree Machinery and located in our inventory in Kingston, TN.