Mattison 404 Straight Line Rip Saw W/Newer Chain/& Return


This Mattison 404 straight line rip saw features a 4 in. thickness capacity with a 14 in. blade and is powered by a 15 hp motor. It’s 4 speed feed features 62, 93, 124, & 186 FPM. The chain is newer and in excellent + condition. You will also find a return that will allow for the full return on short material from 18″-32″ or you can use the larger return when operating in tandem by itself. DON”T JUST WRITE OFF THE RETURN AS BEING FOR SHORT MATERIAL. The short cross conveyor is great for returning shorts, BUT extremely helpful in returning long lengths in that it allows your worker to just grab the far end of the material and let the closer end fall onto the short conveyor to cross over to the return! Please watch the video to see this in action!

This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company. It is owned by 360 Degree Machinery and located in our inventory in Kingston, TN.