2008 Kentwood M-507EL 5-Head Feed Thru Moulder


This is a Kentwood M-507EL 5-Head Feed Thru Moulder. It features a working capacity of 5″ thick x 7″ wide. It has a Bottom, Right, Left, Top, Bottom head configuration. The first Bottom head is 7.5 hp, the Right and Left heads are driven by a 10 hp motor, the Top head is 10 hp while the final bottom is 10 hp as well. All spindles are 1-1/2″ diameter with cutter-head speeds of 6 000 R.P.M. The 4 hp variable speed feed motor delivers feed rates from 20 to 80 F.P.M. The bed plates and infeed have been re-ground. There are seven top pressure rollers and two bed rollers along with mechanical digital readouts for chip breakers and pressure elements. You will also find a central lubrication system along with a full sound enclosure.