Balestrini T0 Round End Tenoner (Dowel or Tenon Modes)


The highlight of this machine is it’s ability to make dowels or tenons with minimal set up. In some cases with the flip of a switch. A single cutter head traverses back and forth between stations so that one part is loaded or unloaded which allows continuous operation. There are two 14″ X 9″ tables. They tilt 0 to 20 degrees and can be adjusted up, down, left, and right with added digital read outs for height. The main motor is a 4 hp belt driven spindle and runs at 9,000 RPM while a 1 HP motor is used for rotational movement of the cutter head. The max. width of a tenon is 3-15/16″. The max. thickness of a tenon is 1-13/16″. The max. depth of a tenon is 1-15/16″.