Loaded 2015 Biesse Roxyl 5.5 PUR Edgebander w/Pre-Mill/Corner Rounding/5,947 Hours


This is a Loaded 2015 Biesse Roxyl 5.5 Edgebander with a Nordson PUR Blu Glue System with 5,947 hours of operation. This is a rare, low hour, well maintained machine! Current replacement cost is just over $200,000. This Roxyl 5.5 Edgebander runs off of a Spectra 30 Control System. At the front of this machine under the turn table for coil feeding you will find both cleaning and release agent. When your substrate enters the machine you will find a pre-mill unit. Following this you have a Nordson PUR Blu glue system with Nordson having tens of thousands of these units in the field. So you have a lot of support from a leader in adhesive application. You will then find a Pneumatic guillotine followed up by a (6) roll pressure section: (1) driven, (5) idler. The 1St Station is a front and back cut-off. The 2nd Station is a top and bottom trim. The 3rd Station is a top and bottom fine trim. Followed by a 4th Station which is Corner Rounding. Consisting of 2 motors to automatically round off the edge corners on the top and bottom part of the panel. Next you will find a 5th Station for top and bottom Edge scraping. Following this you have a 6th Station for top and bottom fine scraping. Finally you will come to the end of the machine where you will find a 7th Station for top and bottom buffing and an 8th Station an Air Heating unit to heat the edge and reactivate the color.

***The PUR system on this machine has been completely purged/cleaned (Jowat 930.94)

This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company.