CLEAN! 2013 Multicam 5’X12′ CNC Router W/ATC


Super clean, well maintained Multicam. Just seeing it in person you can tell this is a special machine! Lower use 2013 Multicam 5’X12′ CNC Router with a 12 position, gantry mounted, tool changer. Can be used to cut wood or metal with it’s 8 HP Colombo liquid cooled spindle. 20 HP Vacuum Pump. Includes 11 tool holders, manuals, dual surface blocks for calibrating tooling, tool set up stand, Unist auto misting unit, and a Laptop. Aprox. 5-1/2″ of z-axis clearance depending on spoil board thickness. (gantry height limited/with spacers you could achieve 10-1/2″ of clearance between spindle nut and top of 3/4″ spoil board) Machine was built 12/05/2013

This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company. It is owned by 360 Degree Machinery and located in our inventory in Kingston, TN.