2011 AlfaMacchine T300 Automatica Automatic Vertical Miter Saw Cutting Process Machine


We currently have 2 of these machines available. They are extremely fast and efficient. They offer 5 total steps and operations:
Step #1 – Vertical Material Feeder for cutting operations where the molding is easily stackable and minimal set up is required for changeovers. This option requires a minimal amount of floor space and this machine is set up for lengths up to 14′ long.


Step #2 – Material Loading – Material is automatically loaded to be cut from the feeder.

Step #3 – A Material Gripper System is used to provide molding part movement into the Saw Cutting Station


Step #4 – Double Miter Saw Cutting – Double Miter Cutting – Equipped with a Speed Feed Servo Systemthe TA-300 has a production output range from 1,500 to 1,900 cut pieces per hour. Actual customer production rate is dependent on a number of variables — length of molding at in-feed stage, length of cut, molding cross section and type of molding. A Vertical and Horizontal Clamping System within the cutting station firmly holes the molding during the cutting process giving higher accuracy and a superior cut edge quality.

Step #5 – Part Unloading Belt – Belt allows the removal of Cut Pieces (and division of those pieces….meaning sending one part one way and the other part elsewhere)

  • Equipped with “Part Present” Photocell
  • Kicks Cut Pieces to Pneumatic Conveyor Belt for Step #6 of the process