IEC Thermo HEMP 3000S – Hemp Drying System


IEC Thermo HEMP 3000S

Yes, this is an agricultural machine. This barely used, top-tier, fully automated hemp drying system is in fantastic condition, has been carefully disassembled. and is ready for shipping or pick-up from Athens, TN!

First installed in the Fall of 2019, this H.E.M.P. 3000S has only ~300 hours of use and had processed approximately 150 (wet) tons of hemp before being taken off-line due to changes in the owner’s processing methods. It has been maintained and occasionally started up until the dryer was finally packed up just a few months ago.

This is the complete fully-automated package and with a current replacement cost of $900,000! The electrical cabinets and VFDs are in fantastic, near-mint condition and appear practically unused.

If you need a drying system, contact us today! You will not find a better large-scale hemp dryer for a lower price.