2017 HMT Advantage PLUS Laminator


This HMT Advantage Plus can laminate flat sheets or roll stock up to 61″ wide, including high gloss laminates. It can be used for laminating various types of materials together……like laminates, aluminum, carpet, fabric, foam, MDF, particle board, acoustic insulation, sponge, polyethylene and more using a Hot Melt Film, Heat, and Pressure. Your substrate or the material you wish to bond to runs on top of the orange rollers. Up top you place the material you want to bond to this substrate. Below the rollers is a 500′ roll of hot melt film. You basically pull the hot melt film that comes from below over the top of your substrate. Using the Optional Hot Knife Adhesive Cutter to trim the adhesive to length. The panel is then fed thru an infrared heat bank that activates the glue. After which the glued substrate meets the material you wish to bond on top of at a pinch roller. A chrome plated top roller makes cleaning easy. While the bottom roller is made of firm rubber. This particular machine also has the Optional infeed and Outfeed Rollers which support your material through the entire process. It’s that simple. Hot melt film rolls are 500′ long and this system is designed for a single operator. The hot melt rolls require no solvents, are are made from renewable energy, and produce less waste than other types of “wet” adhesives. This machine also operates off of single phase 220V power. This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company.