JLT #717A-LM-PL Large Single Pneumatic Miter Door Clamp With MDF/HDF Clamping Kit 37″ X 95″ Capacity


Produce up to 100 Miter doors a day.  Great for the custom shop who produce a variety of Cabinet door sizes up to 96″.


  • Large Capacity 37 in x 95 in (Minimum 4 in x 12 in)
  • Single Station Miter Door Clamping System
  • (2) Vertical & (2) Horizontal Heavy Duty Pneumatic Clamps
  • Dial Control System for successful Miter Door squaring
  • Single Lever Valve Air Activation with Pressure Regulator
  • 100% Steel Construction / Complete 3 year warranty
  • Space saving design 60 degree vertical working angle
  • Benefits: Precisely clamp & square any type of Miter Cabinet Door in a matter of seconds
  • Precisely Clamp and Square MDF or HDF Doors too!!
    • Includes MDF/HDF Clamping Kit Featuring Non-Marring UHMW Plastic For All Clamping Surfaces
  • *** Also successfully Clamp and square Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors on this same clamping system
  • JLT Miter Door Clamps ship Pre-assembled for a fast simple installation
  • The JLT Dial Control System is easy to operate and allows for a micro fine adjustment in each Miter corner


Machine Footprint: 116″L x 78″H x 44″W

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