Root D-150 Double Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine w/ Radial Heads


You have to look at this machine multiple times in order to take in all that it is both mechanically and cosmetically. This is a one owner, small shop owned machine that is both beautiful and functional. Amazing graphics and paint…….and it is unbelievable that it was never production/shift run…..considering these machines were marketed and sold primarily to large companies. Getting past the cosmetics you will begin to realize the complete flexibility that this machine offers. Twin 2 hp 220/440V spindles, radial heads, the heads easily adjust on precision hand scraped guides, the table raises and lowers and also has adjustment forward and back. The head has a spring cushion and if removed allows for up to 8″ of stroke! Even the foot pedal is adjustable up and down. Modern horizontal boring machines are simply a “lighter version” offering less of everything this one has to offer. This machine is a gem! This fully functional machine has been fully cleaned, checked, and is ready to work from the time you receive it. This is our guarantee to both you and your company.