Optional Oliver 5015 14” Cutoff Saw Infeed and Outfeed Roller Table Sets 3′ & 6′ Options


These are the infeed and outfeed tables for the 5015 14″ Cut Off Saw. You can choose model 5015.A001 which is a 3′ Infeed & 3′ Outfeed Roller Table Set or model 5015.A004 which is a 6′ Infeed & 6′ Outfeed Roller Table Set (The 5015 Saw is sold separately)

5015 14” CUTOFF SAW

Up-cut saw design provides fast and accurate cuts.  Fast cut rate allows up to 95 strokes per minute.  Stroke speed adjustable to fit your cutting requirements.  Large precision ground table and heavy gauge cabinet provide a stable work surface.  Precision ground arbor is supported by high quality bearings.  Conveniently positioned foot-switch allows hands-free operation.  Easy cabinet access for adjustments and quick blade changing.  Saw blade included.  High quality blade included as an added value.  Built-in 4” dust port allows efficient dust management.  Magnetic controls for safer operation.  Powerful TEFC motor available in three-phase.  Optional infeed and outfeed tables with stops and optional dual palm switch complete the high production package.  *Optional 440/460 volt available special order only. Additional cost/parts may apply.  OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES

Optional 3’ infeed and 3’ outfeed roller conveyors are equipped with a graduated gauge bar with a swing stop for identical length of cut.

Optional dual palm switch ensures the safe operation that will shut off the machine in 0.1 second

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Additional information

Weight 640 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 30 × 51 in
Table Length

5015.A001 3′ Infeed & 3′ Outfeed Roller Table Set, 5015.A004 6′ Infeed & 6′ Outfeed Roller Table Set