This is truly a rare find. You simply don’t find machines (especially wet) for nearly 70% off the NEW cost with such low hours. This is a 3 head 52″ wide machine with an air knife for drying your parts as they exit the machine.  This PUMA series sander has under 205 hours of total use and a replacement cost of nearly $200,000 in today’s market. The Puma Series machines require minimum maintenance and up keep, and both sides are easily accessible by operators. Ideal for deburring and finishing in a production setting and for 24/7 operations.

Abrasive belt size: 52” x 75”
Main motors: 30, 30, 30 HP
Maximum width stock: 51”
Minimum part length: 10”
Maximum thickness opening: 0-6”
Infeed loading area: 27”
Feed speed: 5-20 FPM
Voltage/Phase/Frequency: 460/3/60
Approximate full load amps at 460 volt: 149
Motor type: TEFC
Passline height: 41”, Constant
Compressed air usage: 6 CFM @ 90 PSI
Approximate shipping weight: 12,500 lbs.
204 hours shown on meter

Equipped with three top heads, each being an 8” contact roll. It includes industry leading standard features, along with the optional features needed to meet your specific application needs. Here is why the superior design and construction of the PUMA gives you the competitive edge.

Contact Drums: (All 3 positions) 
The sanding heads include dynamically balanced 8” diameter contact drums with precision bearings. Hardness (durometer) and serration are chosen for general deburring and finishing applications.

Main Motors: 
All abrasive head drive motors and feed drive motor are precision balanced for power and long life. Motors are TEFC, Totally. Enclosed Fan Cooled for durability.

Cam Adjustable Contact Drums: 
Adjustable contact drums allow fine-tuning of abrasive belt pressure on parts without the need to adjust holddown rolls. This also allows the possibility of running abrasive belts of different thickness without having to adjust holddown rolls.

Percentage Load Meters: 
A load meter on each abrasive head displays exact percentage of main motor horsepower being used during operation.

Through-Beam Abrasive Belt Tracking: 
Electronic photo-eye tracking monitors and controls abrasive belt movement on the grinding head. Over-travel limit switches prevent abrasive belt damage in case of mis-track.

Quick Release Outboard Support: 
Allows fast removal of outboard support to expedite abrasive belt change. Abrasive belts can be changed in as little as 60 seconds.

Dual Infeed and Dual Outfeed Holddown Rolls: 
Rubber-covered, spring-loaded rolls aid in holding sheet metal parts onto the conveyor as they pass through the machine. A sheet metal gate which acts as an emergency stop for the operator when loading the machine. The gate actuates a limit switch which shuts down the abrasive belt head and conveyor feed in emergency situations.

Variable Speed Conveyor Drive: 
5-20 FPM variable frequency conveyor drive includes an LED speed display.

Variable Passline Height: 0-6” bed opening capacity with a 41” conveyor passline height. 

Motorized Thickness Adjustment: 
Conveyor bed thickness setting is motor driven. This allows quick changes of thickness settings for material to be processed.

Electronic Digital Thickness Readout: 
An electronic thickness set-up device includes a “go-to” function with ability to store programs for ten thickness’. The readout also indicates conveyor bed position in relation to the grinding belt for accurate set-up to .001”
This system includes a high efficiency blower, precision top and bottom air knives and rubber squeegee rolls to remove excess coolant as parts exit the machine.

Air Operated Disc Brakes: 
Floating caliper disc brakes are used to stop the contact drum and brush head to assure consistent abrasive head stoppage in approximately four seconds. The braking system will not fade under continuous braking and has non-sparking, easily replaceable linings. The brake is located on the main motor shaft for easy maintenance.

Centralized Control Panel: 
Simple operator controls for machine operation. Conveyor feed, speed, coolant filtration, air knife dryer and abrasive heads are controlled at this centralized location.

Hour Meter: 
An hour meter displays actual running time of the machine. This unit is used by maintenance for scheduled lubrication of key components.

Lubrication System: 
Sanding head lubrication points are plumbed for easy access.

U.L. Listed Components: 
Includes main motor fusing, electrical disconnect, Star Delta starters and 110 volt controls.