NEW 2005 DISA S750 DUST COLLECTOR 4500 CFM $4,750

It’s kind of an oxymoron statement to say NEW………2005…..when it is 2018, but that is exactly what this is…..a NEW surplus S750. It does show signs that it has been sitting in a working shop. The bags have some dust and dirt stains however upon further inspection you can tell the weave is clean and overall condition are unused. There are a few scuffs here and there on the metal so it isn’t mint. Upon looking at the electrical housing you can tell that no electrical fitting has ever been screwed into the knock-out. Further more looking at the 12″ outlet for the fan there is no evidence that duct work was ever attached to it… tape… screw holes…… scratches. Looking at the impeller there is zero wear. So looking at the machine itself we believe it to be NEW and never installed as the owner stated when he sold it to us. So you basically get a NEW dust collector at a used price!

  • Operating Capacity of 4500 CFM at 5.0″ Wg.
  • 243 Sq Ft of filter media
  • Maraton 7.5 HP 208-23/460V/3 Phase Motor
  • Easy Installation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Three waste discharge points
  • Ability to choose between a Bag, Barrel(Optional) or a Dump Bin(Optional) for Waste Disposal
  • Easy as 1-2-3, the Collector is up and running in less than 1 hour!
  • Nederman Previously known as Dantherm and Disa